Captain Dan guides me to my best bow buck ever

Last weekend, my buddy Dan Carter of “Captain Dan’s SEOK Expeditions” took Koby and me down to a place he has hunted for several years in the national forest near Billy Creek. We went down Thursday and did some scouting, so we would know what tree to put our climbers in.Dan dropped Koby and me off, and headed to another spot that he had picked out for himself. We got in out stands before daylight and were ready for the day — well, I thought we were ready. I soon realized that I had not worn enough clothing.The wind speed was supposed to be about four miles an hour, but it was blowing at more than 15 miles an hour. Even though I was shivering, I managed to get a shot at a doe but missed by a mile. Koby also got a shot at a doe, but hit a limb and missed also. Dan sent me a text and said he missed a small buck. At this point, it was wildlife leading mankind 3-0.A little later, Dan sent me another text that said he was looking for his arrow and saw about 10 more deer. We were excited about seeing the deer, and decided to eat some lunch and get back in our stands early.I climbed back into my stand around 1 p.m. About an hour later, I had six hikers pass by about 150 yards away on a hiking/four-wheeler trail. I didn’t know I was that close to it. and then around about 4 p.m. I had two four-wheelers come by on the same stand, and decided that I was not going to see a deer with all the commotion going on.Well, I was wrong. At 6:10 p.m., two does came running up below my stand. I was sure that Dan or Koby had shot at them because the deer were coming from the direction of their stands. I got ready to shoot and tried to stop the lead doe with a soft “maack” sound, but could not get her to respond. The second doe busted me and hopped across the draw, so I went to looking for the first one again hoping to get a shot.When I looked back to where the first doe had been, there was another doe standing there. So, I turned my bow toward her. At that time, I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. Lo and behold, a good buck was coming up the hill in hot pursuit.I tried three times to stop him with slow increasingly louder “maaack” sounds, but he had love on his mind and never even acted like he heard a thing. He continued trying to trail the does going back and forth for several minutes while I drew and let down my bow about six times trying to get a shot.Finally, I got an opening about 40 yards off, and sent an arrow though the air. Right as I released it, he took off walking again and I missed high and behind him. The arrow hit only a few yards from him but he never even flinched and just kept trying to cut the trail of the does.I nocked another arrow. Much to my surprise, the buck turned and headed straight toward my stand. He stopped 15 yards from me quartering up so I sent the “Rage” tipped arrow straight through his heart for my best bow buck ever.Just so there is no confusion, Captain Dan only guides for his good friends, and is not a real guide service. But I most definitely owe him for this good buck appreciate it greatly.