CAROLE GILL: New events at new library

What a delight it has been to escort our friends and neighbors through the new Patrick Lynch Public Library, recalling as we do the many generous individuals and groups that have made this outstanding facility a new and permanent part of the Poteau landscape, available to not only this town, but the surrounding areas, offering so many expanded services. We will discuss these more in a future time together, but to learn more now, come in and explore the Lynch Library on your own or ask for a walk-through from an employee.Sunday, Nov. 3, will be our official open house, and more information will be coming your way on that special day.The public libraries of eastern Oklahoma have a fun way to celebrate reading this fall, starting next week. The Southeastern Public Library System of Oklahoma of which we are a branch, is joining with our sister system north of Interstate 40, the Eastern Oklahoma District Library System, for a “Big Read” in which every library will be encouraging our communities to read the same book, talk about it, and enjoy it together. The book chosen, due in part to the story location, tie into local history and its classic importance in early Western genre literature, is “True Grit”, by Charles Portis. Yes, this is the classic 1969 motion picture staring John Wayne remade in 2010 with Jeff Bridges. Watch this paper for more details on the many events provided by the SEPLSO and EODL in the next weeks and months, and get ready to enjoy Indian Territory Days more than most people in that day enjoyed them. Our kick-off event at Patrick Lynch will be Saturday, Oct. 5. At 10 a.m. We will have a viewing of True Grit on a large screen in our spacious new community room at Patrick Lynch Public Library. For the children a little too young to have that much attention span, Miss Carole will be sharing short stories whose characters show “true grit” along with appropriate activities, and we may even deputize a few boys and girls.Following the movie, we’ll step outside where Rooster Cocburn (who by the way, looks like he might be an ancestor of Rep. James Lockhart) will read a “True Grit” proclamation, and we’ll all gather ‘round the campfire for beans, cornbread (believe me it beats the corn dodgers Rooster tried to shoot in our story) and Dutch oven cobbler.On Oct. 8, we’ll restart our TLC circle time in the children’s story circle at Patrick Lynch Public Library, Tuesday at 11 a.m., lasting about 25 minutes. Adults stay with the children ranging in age from “old enough to sit up and look at the book” to 5 years old. Other library programs at Patrick Lynch and area outreach visits are also resuming at other facilities. If you would like a visit from the Children’s and Young Adult Librarian, please call. We’re looking forward to many exciting things at Patrick Lynch Public Library.Carole Gill is the children’s and young adult librarian at Patrick Lynch Public Library in Poteau. E-mail her at