CAROLE GILL: What's up at the library

We can feel the excitement building at Patrick Lynch Public Library as the school year ends and summer programs and promotions begin here.  Tuesday, May 27, we will begin enrolling children up to those entering sixth grade in our Summer Reading Challenge.  Reading incentives will be given for books read from our library collection for which a record is kept.  Students will receive materials needed at the time of enrollment.  The enrollment will be open and available at any time through the summer.  Teen reading program will be open for enrollment beginning Monday, June 2nd and will be designed more as a journaling experience, but we hope enjoyable and rewarding. Personal library cards are not required for participating in the program, particularly for very young children whose parents prefer to check out books for them until they are ready to assume that responsibility.  We do strongly encourage older children to get your own card before the actual days of summer program presentations. To get a card for minors, the parents or custodial adults need to come with them to the library, the adult bringing a documentable photo identification and a proof of residence address in southeast Oklahoma.  In most cases, a driver’s licence takes care of those requirements, but a printed check, a piece of cancelled mail with the name and address of the applicant or a work identification badge with photo and an address could suffice.  The library will not issue new cards on the mornings of our programs, since the process takes enough time that it disrupts service to the other users, often lines of people, checking out materials.  A thank you gift that includes a book bag and activity book about library use will be given to children getting their first library cards. I have visited in area schools talking about Summer Reading Programs, and distributing our schedule of eight ‘core programs’ each for school aged children and teens.  The final outreach tally was well over 2,000 students, plus other groups who toured the library at the end of the school year.  I especially thank Pansy Kidd Middle School sixth grade students and teachers who walked all the way to PLPL from the school and back on this past Thursday.  We enjoyed every visitor.   If families did not receive the handouts, they are available at the library or information is online at our website, or you may call us at 918-647-4444.  You may note we are giving a different telephone number now.  The old one is still good now, but soon our other numbers may change, while the 647-4444 number will continue.  More about that in future visits. Another important announcement:  Our first children’s SRP presentation on Wednesday, June 4 at 10 am until 11:00 a.m. is being moved next door to the Donald W. Reynolds Community Center in the Black Box Theater.  Children may also register for Reading Challenge there.  We are expecting a large crowd, and in addition to our human presenters from Animal EdZOOcation, we will have visitors that need a little ‘elbow room’ as we mentioned last week:  a Capybara; a Brazilian Salmon Pink Bird-eating Tarantula a Burmese Python or Boa Constrictor; an Ivory Billed Aracari or Collared Aracari (Toucan) and a Giant African Bullfrog.  The question has came up whether parents can stay in the room for this excellent educational program, and most certainly they can, but children will be seated in the front.  We will be sharing more details of our summer programs and activities in future visits.  For now, we want to wish all of you a wonderful  Memorial Day.  May our veterans and all of the families and other individuals who support the defense and safekeeping of our nation feel our gratitude at this special time.