CASC scholars take helping others to heart

Don’t you just love tosee what begins as the littleidea that could take on alife of its own? For a groupof Carl Albert State Collegestudents a project theystarted last year has donejust that and became anannual event.Next Tuesday from 10a.m. until 1 p.m., the CASCscholars will host theSecond Annual CASCHarvest Carnival. The carnivalis designed for specialeducation students in gradesthree through eight fromLeFlore County. It’s a daywhen students of the collegehope to provide thesespecial students with a daythat is all about them withgames, crafts, prizes andfood.Five years ago the collegebegan inviting incomingfreshmen scholars theopportunity to enroll in aLeadership class. The fallclass is only open to thosestudents who are invited toregister for it and it’s not arequirement.According to Jay Falkner,Title III Director at CASC,as part of the social learningportion of the class thestudents are broken up togroups and assigned thetask of coming up with acommunity service typeproject. Falkner said thatover the years the studentshave done things like renovatinga playground atShady Point School, sentcare packages to troops andprovided shoes to theneedy.