Cavanal Chorale goes to New York City

The Big Apple will soon be getting a healthy dose of Little Dixie.Poteau's own community choir, the Cavanal Chorale, has been invited to perform in concert in New York City as part of the Distinguished Concerts International New York concert series.Founder and manager or the Cavanal Chorale, Brian Holloway, contacted DCINY and sent the organization a concert CD of one of the Cavanal Chorale's performances. DCINY replied, and invited the Cavanal Chorale to participate in several concerts. After review, a concert featuring the music of Joseph Martin was decided upon and a date for performance was set for May 28. The DCINY was founded by Iris Derke and Jonathan Griffith with the goal of showcasing and encouraging world-class musical entertainment.Fourteen of the members of the Cavanal Chorale have since committed to make the trip and be part of a larger chorus for the concert. In addition to Cavanal Chorale members, six relatives will be traveling with the singers to enjoy the sights and sounds of New York City as well as the upcoming concert.Funding for the trip has been handled personally for each traveling member of the Cavanal Chorale.