Celebrating the scary

Every year, Carl AlbertState College film studentsrelease the horrors of theirdark imaginations at theannual Cinemortis StudentFilm Festival. This year,CASC film students areinviting the public to takea trip into their own twistedand sleep-deprived subconscious.The theme forthis year’s CinemortisFilm Festival isNightmares.On Thursday, October27 at 7 p.m. in the HamiltonAuditorium on CASC’sPoteau campus, CASCFilm Studies instructorMarcus Blair and studentsinvite you to witness aslate of films that willscare, disgust, and delightyou.“Each film in competitionwill contain at leastone nightmare that a studentfilmmaker actuallyhad. We thought it wouldbe terrifying to take theaudience into a place withno rules and the filmmakershave enjoyed workingin the abstract world ofdreams,” said Blair.Admission to the filmfestival is free, however,audience members will beexpected to vote on theirfavorite film in the competition.The film thatreceives the most voteswill win the covetedAudience Choice Award.Blair continued, “All ofthe Cinemortis films willbe frighteningand contain realisticspecialeffects, thereforechildrenwill not beadmitted. This isthe seventh yearwe’ve hadCinemortis andthe goal isalways the same– to give ourstudents a placeto showcasetheir work. Weknow the communitywillappreciate whatthe studentshave accomplished.”According toBlair, CASCfilm studentshave been workingfor severalmonths to complete thefilms to be shown at thefestival. CASC film studentspresenting filmsinclude Ryan Baker,Brittany Le Roux, JessiBrigance, Brett Lampkin,Andrea Owens, SarahShores, Michael Welch,Destiny Stine, and JessicaHunt.