Choctaw Nation audit results in investigation

The Choctaw Nation, as a part of its normal business practices, conducts routine audits. One of these audits, relating to the construction of the Durant Hotel and Casino, revealed discrepancies relating to the purchase of steel from Builders Steel located in Tulsa Oklahoma.  Chief Greg Pyle and Assistant Chief Gary Batton referred these audit results to legal counsel for the Nation. The audit results and an investigation of the purchase of steel from Builders Steel, revealed the Nation had been overcharged for steel purchases.  Legal counsel commenced legal proceeding to recover the overcharges and at the direction of Chief Pyle and Assistant Chief Batton the matter was referred to the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Oklahoma, located in Muskogee Oklahoma.   As a result of this investigation, criminal proceedings were filed by the United States Attorney’s office of the Eastern District of Oklahoma. The Nation has fully cooperated in this investigation.  The Choctaw Nation expects to be made whole with respect to any losses. Chief Pyle, on his and the Nations behalf, has expressed appreciation to the FBI and the United States Attorney’s office for their assistance in their investigation and bringing to justice those involved in the fraudulent conduct against the Nation. Since legal proceedings are presently ongoing, it is not appropriate for the Nation to comment further at this time.