Coach Henderson one of a kind

Coach Jim Henderson was a man who loved football, and all kinds of sporting events. He knew that I love trivia, and he was always asking me some form of trivia. One question he asked me was, “What was the name of General Ulysses S. Grant's horse?” Everyone said, Cincinnati.Henderson was an expert on boxing trivia, also. But the area in which he thrived was football trivia.He asked me the question I had in my column last week — Can you name the state that has at least three colleges which have won national championships besides Florida?After racking my mind for a while, I cried, “Uncle,” and I gave up. He told me it was Pennsylvania. The first two schools are no-brainers, Pittsburgh and Penn State. The one I didn't know was one of which I had never heard — Washington and Jefferson, a college named for two presidents.But as I was doing my research for this column, I came across the fact there are two more Pennsylvania schools which have won national championships — the University of Pennsylvania and Lafayette.Sorry, Coach Henderson, but you didn't dig deep enough on this particular trivia question. There was even more to this question that what you thought.