Commandos knock wind out of Pirates' sails Thursday night

Two very talented teams met on the field Thursday night at Costner Stadium. The main difference in the two teams was the Tulsa Cascia Hall Commandos have won numerous state championships and only had their 56-game regular-season win streak broken two weeks ago. The Commandos know how to win. The Pirates are still trying to get all their ducks in a row and figure out how to win games in the same fashion.The Pirates had a golden opportunity to gain the lead early and missed a gimme field goal. Cascia Hall took over and immediately drove for a touchdown. The Pirates were in an unfamiliar situation and simply could not get their defense off the field in reasonable situations. Poteau also left points on the field as they were in the red zone three different times without scoring. Perhaps with the exception of the opening kick, the Poteau special teams were well defended by the Commandos. Roger Barcheers and Kendrick Hardaway simply never could break free. The final score was 26-15 in favor of the Commandos, who handed the Pirates their first defeat of 2013.