Commissioners approve new 911 public trust

It's official, the Emergency 911 board has been dissolved and in its place is born a new public trust. The LeFlore County Commissioners decided unanimously Monday to sign a proposition which, in effect, ends the current boards authority in 60 days. District 2 County Commissioner Lance Smith made the motion to create a seven-member board and to name the respective department appointees. The motion was originally set to be discussed and voted on on Aug. 26, but on the advice of Assistant District Attorney Marion Fry, the vote was tabled while consideration was given to how many members would be appointed to the new public trust. Smith said the proposition allows for a seven-member board comprised of the three commissioners, sheriff, Emergency Medical Services director, Emergency Management director and president of the LeFlore County Fire Association. Smith said the positions will be filled by the elected officials during their terms, which would be every four years for the commissioners and sheriff, annually for the fire association president ending June 30 of each year and indefinitely for EMS and EMD directors for the duration of their employment.