Community State Bank, EOMC bring Telemed to local schools

Cody Banning
Staff Writer

Technology has helped mankind make many advances in the field of medicine. Medications, vaccines, machinery and the ability to treat patients from a distance have brought access to more healthy ways of living to most across the nation.
Telemedicine, according to, "is viewed as a cost-effective alternative to the more traditional face-to-face way of providing medical care." Spoke sites โ€” locations that are native to the patient, and often more conveniently located to them โ€” receive treatment remotely from a hub site โ€” locations from which doctors and nurse practitioners administer health services. Equipment at the spoke site is operated by a nurse or other healthcare professional under the guidance of a doctor or health professional at the hub site. Use of computers, cameras, monitors and other forms of communication are common in telemedicine services, and can be expensive. Public schools have benefited greatly from this technology, but the cost can sometimes cause problems. One local bank has made telemedicine possible for many local schools.

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