Deer season is here, and I drew first blood this time

It took two hunts and three shots, but I drew first blood on the second day of archery season. The deer was not a trophy one, but it was to me because I took it with a bow.On day one, Dan Carter and I headed out to our little hunting spot in the evening time to try out luck. Dan bowhunts out of a lawn chair, and he always sees and shoots at deer which is amazing to me. He had an encounter with a fawn on the first evening just before dark but did not get a shot off after a-10-minute standoff due to lack of daylight.On day two, Koby, Russell Broussard and I headed out to try our luck. Russell shot a doe that morning, but she got in the lake before he could recover her — so, he was kind of bummed out.I got in my stand at around 4:15 p.m. About two and a half hours later, two fawns came slipping by. I always try to shoot the first deer I see at the beginning of bow season to break the ice, so I took the first shot that was offered.For the last few years, I have had a problem shooting over the back of deer, and this year didn’t start out any different when I blew a 12-yard shot by shooting over the back of the first fawn.Both deer hopped off a few yards and stopped trying to figure out what just happened. The first one stayed behind some brush to my left, and the second one headed across in front of me to join the first one.When it was broadside at 20 yards, I took the shot. Once again, I shot over its back much to my dismay. The little dude hopped off a couple of yards, then came back to see what my arrow was that was sticking in the ground.When it stretched its neck out to smell my arrow, I let loose the third arrow, and this one was not high but was a bit back. After a rather long tracking job, I had my first fresh deer meat of the year.Maybe I can figure out how to not shoot over the next ones back on the first shot. The weather is going to great this weekend. As soon as I get back from the fall baseball state tournament, I am going to get back into the tree stand.— — —Send me your deer stories and pictures so I can get them in my column.Have a great week!— — —Email questions or comments to