Deputies respond to gunshots at residence

A Spiro man is behind bars after he allegedly opened fire on an occupied dwelling Monday night.Daryl Steele Jr., 20, of Spiro, was arrested after LeFlore County deputies found him hiding in the yard after the reported shooting.According to the arrest report, deputies responded to a woman's call for help on Dugan Hill Road when she claimed someone had shot into her home while she was inside. When deputies arrived, they found a window located on the back side of the home with an apparent bullet hole through it. The report shows the victim was sitting at a table inside the home that was visible through the window that had been shot.As deputies began searching outside the residence for suspects and evidence they heard someone shout from a nearby woodline. They attempted to locate the person responsible for the shout but were unable to do so.For the victim's safety, deputies removed her from the home and took her to a separate location to complete her statement then they returned to the scene of the shooting.When deputies arrived at the scene a neighbor flagged them down claiming to have seen a man run from the woods beside his home toward the victims residence. Upon searching for the man, later identified as Steele, they located him hiding by a large tree in the back yard. According to the arrest report, once Steele was in custody he told deputies he had been forced at gunpoint by Vernon Lewis to shoot at the residence. Steele claimed Lewis tried to pay him to go to the home on Dugan Hill Road and shoot it but when he refused, Lewis pointed a gun at him and made Steele go with him to the victims residence. Once there, Steele reported Lewis fired a shot into the front of the home then forced him to do so also. Lewis allegedly picked up both shell casings then took the gun and ran from the scene. Steele told deputies he hid in the woods for a period of time then decided to go check on the victim, who is his grandmother. Steele is being held in the LeFlore County Detention Center on the charge of shooting into an occupied dwelling. He is being held without bond. At this time Lewis has not been charged in connection with the crime.