DEWEY HARRISON: Random thoughts

Kim Ross, Poteau Daily News editor, in a recent editorial, focused on the trash bag policy at the LeFlore County dump sites. I also have reservations concerning this policy. The voters of LeFlore County — through a tax initiative — set up a trash disposal system which would be an improvement over the previous trash collection and disposal system. However, additional fees, fines and regulations designed to limit trash disposal have been put in place without regard to need or reason for additional trash. Policies such as this are a motivating factor of wildcat dump sites which require an armed trash cop, aka environmental officer — sure hope I’m not the one who gets shot. I would bet a published monthly balance sheet would prove embarrassing and find that LeFlore County Sanitation is awash in cash or in need of new management. If I am wrong, commissioners and sanitation management could use this criticism as an opportunity to have a series of community meetings to explain their reasoning for these limiting policies.Last month Republicans and Democrats negotiated a budget deal that would erase the sequester (spending cuts), but agreed to end unemployment benefits for those who had received benefits for 99 weeks. Unemployment benefits were meant to last only 26 weeks. Now one month later, Democrats are asking for a three-month extension of benefits. Dr. Dewey believes this scheme was planned last month and will continue three months from now. The only thing being negotiated today is which six Republicans will vote with the Democrats to pass the bill.A few predictions for 2014 are in order. I need a few “I told you so’s” for the end of the year. President Obama will be given a blank check at next month’s debt limit negotiations. Minimum wage will rise to near $10 per hour. There will be no end to unemployment extensions in 2014. New monies will be needed to bail out Obamacare and the participating insurance companies. LeFlore County agencies will not become transparent with monthly published profit and loss statements. Immigration reform will be passed. OU will win the Big 12. OSU will finish fourth. Ah heck, that’s enough. Check back in December.As I write, Auburn is beating Florida State and the game has caught my attention — got to go. Rumor has it that our senior citizen has once again crossed paths and shared bread with a group of conservatives and there is a story to be told. I’ll check it out. Pray hard.Dewey Harrison of Poteau is retired educator from the Pocola School system. He is also a tea party supporter, occasional fisherman and perpetual pessimist about the current state of affairs. To contact Harrison email him at