DEWEY HARRISON: Random thoughts

General Petraeus is telling us action is necessary in Syria, but was unwilling to use force against Islamist in Benghazi, Libya, while Americans were being murdered. Petraeus, while CIA director, also participated in the fabrication of talking points to mislead (lie) Americans about the Benghazi debacle. Can anyone explain to me why Petraeus can be trusted to give advice on any issue?President Obama has said he sought advice from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with respect to Syria. From white water to white wash, can anyone name — not three or four, just one — significant achievement by this woman? Her entire career has been one of non-achievement and dishonesty. She also participated in the Benghazi cover up. Why are we considering this woman as presidential timber?Speaker of the House John Boehner has announced he will support an attack on Syria. Boehner also has announced he will not seek a special prosecutor for the Benghazi cover-up. Boehner also announced he will not allow a vote on the floor should there be insufficient votes for an attack on Syria. Could Boehner or someone explain to me why the American people are not entitled to know how their congressman would vote on going to war?Current Secretary of State John Kerry, the former war protester and senator who has slandered the American soldier, is now Obama’s point man to convince Americans we should go to war with Syria. Could Boehner, the president or someone explain to me what business or interest it is of the United States that we should intervene in the civil war in Syria?John McCain and Lindsey Graham, chief meddlers in the Senate who seem to want perpetual war, are determined to have one more surge before Obama’s retirement. Could McCain and Graham explain to me the benefit of our blood and treasure intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and what would be different with Syria?Obama, who has never supported going to war and campaigned to get us out of Bush’s wars, made a decision to punish (bomb) Syria for its part in using chemical weapons against civilians. Do the people making these decisions remind you of the cast of characters in “Dr. Strangelove” or “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb?”It appears Vladimir Putin has pulled Obama’s fat out of the fire and war may be averted, but Putin seems to relish watching the Obama administration twist in the wind. We can only hope our bunch does not take refuge in the Situation Room and choose to one-up Putin. How many of you believe this administration’s ego is capable of realizing they got lucky with the Russian intervention for a possible diplomatic solution in Syria?“In peace, sons bury their fathers; in war, fathers bury their sons.” — HerodotusPray hard!Dewey Harrison of Poteau is retired educator from the Pocola School system. He is also a tea party supporter, occasional fisherman and perpetual pessimist about the current state of affairs. To contact Harrison email him at