DEWEY HARRISON: Serial prevaricator or incompetence?

Luke, having been imprisoned for acts of petty crime was not a cooperative inmate. Always waiting for the right moment to escape his prison chains, Luke did escape for short-lived freedom on more than one occasion. Captain, the warden of a tough prison would make an example of Luke following each escape while other inmates were forced to watch. The Captain prefaced his punishment of Luke with “some men you just can’t reach.”Those of you my age will remember the classic scene between Paul Newman (Luke) and Strother Martin (Captain). Martin, a diminutive man was cast standing atop a hill with Luke on his knees and a crushed man. Projecting his uncompromising authority to other inmates, the Captain drawled the famous line from Cool Hand Luke; “what we’ve got here is failure to communicate.”Now, nearly five years after the election of President Obama, we have a public finally beginning to understand that we have elected a man to the presidency that will say or do anything, whether it be untruthful or unconstitutional — better late than never. Each new day of this president and his staff is spent in search of a lie to cover a previous lie. Of course this president has a legion of press, pundits and base to affirm his explanations for the “misunderstandings” and his failure to communicate the full scope and intent of Obamacare.By now the press must be getting wary of carrying water for this president. If it were only the Obamacare issue, we could dismiss the mess created as a work in progress and in need of a tweak, but Obama had a track record of wrongful conduct and deception. We need only look at two stimulus packages, bailout of the banks, auto industry, unions, and insurance companies, cash for clunkers, green energy projects, NSA data collection of citizens, IRS punishment of political opponents, Fast and Furious gun running, Benghazi coverup and I could name more. Some of this conduct led to the death of Americans. Obama was a disaster before Obamacare was a disaster. The public having elected him twice refused to face reality that this president is fundamentally flawed or incompetent — both unacceptable Tea Party’ers recognized and warned of the Obama, Democratic Party and progressive Republican agenda — fundamental transformation from individual responsibility to collectivism. For their effort to inform an uninterested public of these prevarications, they have been labeled as terrorist, anarchist and racist.Luke eventually pushed an autocratic and uncompromising Captain to the edge and with Luke’s final escape, the Captain orders the ultimate punishment.Now ask yourself, how many times have you witnessed the message from this autocratic and uncompromising president of “some men you just can’t reach and what we’ve got here is a failure to communicate?” — followed with punishment of those who disagree with his conduct.“First comes ignorance,next poverty and then you lose your freedom”—unknownPray hard!Dewey Harrison of Poteau is retired educator from the Pocola School system. He is also a tea party supporter, occasional fisherman and perpetual pessimist about the current state of affairs. To contact Harrison email him at