Dori’s expands to include county transport services

Dori Wiles Bowman has been known for two decades as the lady to go to for all your hair care needs. But recently she expanded her services by opening Dori’s LeFlore County Transport.Bowman and her long-time friend Tammy Watts have been cutting and styling hair at Dori’s Cut 2 PLZ since they graduated college together in 1993. Two years ago, Bowman moved her salon to a new location at 2216 N. Broadway in Poteau. Her shop not only welcomes her clients with its warming décor, her boutique, filled with clothes, jewelry, accessories and hair care products invites shoppers to browse while waiting. Call for an appointment. Bowman’s newest adventure, Dori’s Leflore County Transport specializes in personalized and express transportation. Their friendly, experienced drivers and well-serviced vehicles will transport you safely, quickly, and comfortably in a stress-free, non-smoking environment. They are focused on providing their customers services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. They will do everything they can to meet your expectations and get you to your destination. With a variety of vehicles, They’re sure you’ll be happy riding with them. Next time you decide to go out on the town and visit your favorite bar and tavern, save yourself some money by calling a taxi. It’s a small price to pay for a safe ride home rather than a few thousand dollars for a DUI and attorney fees. Her services are unique not only being the only taxi in town, but also that she is contracted through eight major corporations to transport injured insurance patients. “I transport for the corporations across five states,” said Bowman. “But it doesn’t ever keep us from our local customers. I have four vehicles certified and on the road. I am thankful to the good Lord for blessing me with the transport service and for everyone in the community who has supported me.”The taxi service also delivers for people who are unable to leave their home. If you need something picked up at a local store, they will take care of it for you and deliver your items to your home for a small fee. Dori’s LeFlore County Transport is a licensed limited corporation.