Double murder trial began Thursday

The fate of accused double murderer Christopher Kenyon Simpson lies in the hands of nine women and three men after jury selection concluded and opening statements were heard Thursday. Simpson is accused in the 2012 death of 20-year-old Ka'Loni Flynn and her unborn child. On Thursday morning, jury selection got underway in LeFlore County District Court and by 3 p.m., 12 county residents took their places to hear testimony in the murder trial.Sequoyah County Assistant District Attorney Tony Evans, named prosecutor after the recusal of the LeFlore County District Attorney's Office, began the proceedings. "This is a case that's very detailed ... about a three- to seven-month investigation ... the defendant, in his own words, he himself said 'this murder was too clean, they won't find out who did it,'" Evans told the jury. Evans spoke about the last time anyone seeing Flynn alive was on Easter Sunday [2012] and how she was found parked in the middle of the road in a red Charger "shot between the eyes."With the conclusion of Evans' opening statement, Simpson's attorney, Warren Gotcher, countered with a different version of the events. Gotcher said Flynn enlisted friends and family to help her find Simpson after he had broken off contact with her. He talked about Simpson's cooperation with law enforcement not mentioned by the prosecution. "Chris [Simpson] did not want to be a part of this and at this point he changed his cell phone ... she couldnn't get ahold of him ... it was no secret she was trying to get ahold of him," said Gotcher. Gotcher said Simpson called the OSBI after he learned of Flynn's death and willingly submitted to an interview, showed investigators his cell phone and text messages, allowed them to check all the family guns and let them search his car. Testimony is expected to resume today at 9 a.m. in District Judge Jon Sullivan's courtroom.