DOUGHERTY: Cavanal sun splash stunning to see

It was a strange sensation.
Realizing what I saw as I drove south on Oklahoma 112 the last five miles or so toward Poteau was rather stirring.
As a driver returning from a trip to the east, you’re used to the sloppy weather with a slight drizzle and dark gray, overcast skies. Suddenly you see the sunlight splashing down on Cavanal Hill, bathing it in a warm glow — it was something to see and experience. The change in your outlook was quite sudden.
The rest of the sky and the surrounding countryside remained quite gloomy, but almost like the bright beams that used to be portrayed on the cover of your church bulletins when you were a kid, the sun shooting down, as if from the heavens above, was breath-taking.
I’m sure it happens occasionally, but seeing Cavanal under spotlight for the first time was quite refreshing and had the feel of pulling you home.

— Mike Dougherty, Editor