DOUGHERTY: Commissioners did right thing with Ten Commandments monument

There was a lot involved in the decision by the LeFlore County Commission to reverse itself Monday on its April 1 decision to allow the Ten Commandments monument, pushed by VFW Post 63 member Charlie Horsley, to be placed on the county courthouse lawn.

Some of the determining factors were based on research done by District 2 Commissioner Lance Smith since that April 1 meeting. He discovered that the Haskell County monument depicting the Ten Commandments had, in fact, been moved from county property to Chamber of Commerce property in Stigler. He was told otherwise on April 1.

Some came from opposition from the community that may have surprised them, though none of the commissioners have acknowledged this to me and I don’t expect them to do so.

Finally, some came from old-fashioned common sense as the three commissioners decided to do what they considered best for LeFlore County residents. They are to be commended for making that decision.

(Related column on Page 4 in the April 24 edition of the newspaper.)

— Mike Dougherty, Editor