DOUGHERTY: Missing Fox becomes blessing in disguise

When I arrived home at my hotel room Friday night, I momentarily was concerned that I was not receiving a Fox station on the television, figuring that the Cotton Bowl game between the University of Oklahoma and Texas A&M University appeared to be one of the best of the bowl season. I settled down a bit after finding the game on the radio, though I was surprised at having no Fox station because I have two NBC stations and two different Weather Channel settings. It was a good thing I didn’t spend a lot of my pent-up anger and bile on missing the game because the Sooners apparently already had checked in their playbooks for the season. I missed nothing, as A&M and their baby Heisman Trophy winner, Johnny Manzeil, ran through the OU defense seemingly at will. I could have watched the new episode of “Blue Bloods,” if I had known. Oklahoma State fans here at the office tell me I should have guessed, based on the Sooners’ recent woes in bowl games.

-- Mike Dougherty