Early voting begins today

Voters can start voting today in the primary elections.
Ken Milam
News Editor

Early voting begins today for Tuesday’s state primary and special municipal election in Poteau.

Voters may cast their ballots from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. today and Friday at the LeFlore County Election Board at 103 N. Church St. behind the courthouse in Poteau, according to Election Board Secretary Sharon Steele.

Local polling places will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on election day Tuesday.

Voters will have many choices in state Republican and Democratic primaries to begin narrowing the field for the November general elections. There also is a Libertarian primary in the governor’s race.

State Question 788 also is on the ballot, proposing to legalize medical marijuana.

In Poteau’s nonpartisan election, voters will decide which of five candidates will fill the empty Ward 3 Seat 2 post on the City Council. They are Brian D. Foos, Matt Lamb, Don Harmon, Ron LaMar and Harry Tustin.

You must be a registered Republican or Libertarian to vote in those parties’ primaries. The Democratic Party voted to open their 2018-19 primaries to registered Independents.

Runoff elections, if needed, will take place Aug. 21 and the general election is Nov. 6.

Here is a list of candidates who will appear on the various LeFlore County ballots:

State Officers

Governor - Democrat
Drew Edmondson
Connie Johnson

Governor - Libertarian
Chris Powell
Rex L Lawhorn
Joe Exotic

Governor - Republican
Christopher Barnett
Dan Fisher
Eric Foutch
Kevin Stitt
Todd G. Lamb
Barry Gowdy
Blake Cowboy Stephens
Gary A. Jones
Mick Cornett
Gary Richardson

Lieutenant Governor - Democrat
Anastasia A. Pittman
Anna Dearmore

Lieutenant Governor - Republican
Eddie Fields
Dana Murphy
Dominique DaMon Block
Matt Pinnell

State Auditor And Inspector
Cindy Byrd
Charlie Prater
John Uzzo

Attorney General - Republican
Angela Bonilla
Mike Hunter
Gentner Drummond

Superintendent Of Public Instruction
Will Farrell
Linda Murphy
Joy Hofmeister

Commissioner Of Labor - Democrat
Fred Dorrell
Sam A Mis-Soum

Commissioner Of Labor - Republican
Leslie Osborn
Keith Swinton
Cathy Costello

Insurance Commissioner - Republican
Donald Chasteen
Glen Mulready

Corporation Commissioner
Ken Reich
Beau Williams
Blake Cummings
Ashley Nicole Mccray

Corporation Commissioner - Republican
Bob Anthony
Brian Bingman
Harold D. Spradling

Congressional Officers

U.S. Representative
District 2 - Democrat
Clay Padgett
Virginia Blue Jeans Jenner
Jason Nichols
Elijah Mcintosh

U.S. Representative
District 2 - Republican
Brian Jackson
Markwayne Mullin
Jarrin Jackson
John McCarthy

Legislative Officers

State Senator - District 4 - Democrat
Eddie Martin
Christopher Ford

State Senator
District 4 - Republican
Heath Eubanks
Mark Dean Allen

State Representative
District 3 - Republican
Lundy Kiger
Eldon Dugan

State Representative
District 15 - Democrat
Judy Ross Moore
Pennie Embry

State Representative
District 15 - Republican
Randy Randleman
Jeremy Warren

State Representative
District 17 - Democrat
Peggy DeFrange
Don Faulkner

State Representative
District 17 - Republican
Bobby Cox
Josh Hass
Jim Grego
Paul Marean
Marilyn Welton