Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center continues renovations and additions

For 63 years the Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center has been committed to providing quality health care to the families of southeastern Oklahoma. Its staff and leaders have remained dedicated to providing healthcare in a supportive and compassionate environment by combining state of the art medical technology with the personal touch of down home service.Over the years, the facility has expanded to 84 beds with a dedicated staff providing comprehensive medical care to the nearly 50,000 residents of LeFlore County and the surrounding areas.EOMC is a public non-profit entity overseen by a Board of Trustees appointed by the LeFlore County commissioners. EOMC strives to efficiently provide comprehensive personal health care services by making available modern medical equipment, specialized medical services, and medical knowledge which would be limited without proper facilities.In the pursuit of providing the residents of LeFlore County with the best possible medical care, EOMC is continually and tirelessly seeking to improve its staff and facilities. Last year, EOMC was certified as a Primary Stroke Center by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The certification ensured that EOMC would be able to further improve and provide a high standard of care relating to stroke risks, prevention, and treatment. EOMC chief executive officer said that in preparing for the accomplishment, his staff exhibited a tremendous amount of commitment, training, and ground work.The certification was made possible through the use of telemedicine technology, one of the fasted-growing technologies of the new millennium. By offer Telestroke services, EOMC changes stroke patients lives for the better, improving efficiency, optimizing quality and safety, and patient care. The Telestroke program was established to allow healthcare professionals to quickly diagnose and stabilize stroke victims. Using Telestroke, medical teams can immediately contact Sparks Regional Medical Center in Fort Smith, Ark. and be in contact with Sparks’ neurologists. The program makes use of high-tech video communication systems to help provide immediate, life-saving treatments to stroke victims 24 hours a day.EOMC also became the first rural hospital in Oklahoma to receive incentive payments under both the Medicare and Medicaid HER Incentive Programs as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The money received by EOMC was part of a nationwide initiative from the United States Department of Health and Human Services to demonstrate meaningful use of an Electronic Health Record.EOMC continues to work implementing the HER system. Once completed, a patient’s HER will enable EOMC physicians and staff to to provide specialists and other health care facilities with health information quickly and efficiently in cases of emergency and to assist the patient in transitioning their care to other health care providers. Patients will also be empowered by being able to obtain their own health care information in an digital format, making their health care information both portable and easily accessible.Most recently, EOMCcomplete construction on a new and much needed addition to the hospital that addressed an all too common need. An existing unit of EOMC was renovated to house the hospitals new in-patient Geriatric Psychiatric Program. The budget for the 8,000 square foot project is estimated at $675,000. The new unit ministers to the needs of individuals in the community suffering from acute psychiatric episodes, dementia, behavioral problems, and those needing medication management. The unit houses 10 patient beds and provides round-the-clock psychiatric stabilization for adults age 55 and older.All of the work that the doctors, nurses, and other staff at EOMC undertakes each and every day is driven by one simple ideal, a dedication to providing quality care to the community through commitment and compassion. Their goal is to be the healthcare provider of choice for Eastern Oklahoma and to that end they labor endlessly to improve themselves and their equipment in order to provide their community with a better quality of life.