Eight bills readied for House vote

House of Representatives Communications and Public Affairs
Press Release

The first hearing for the House Judiciary – Criminal Justice and Corrections Committee took place last Wednesday.

The committee, chaired by Rep. Scott Biggs (R-Chickasha), passed eight pieces of legislation that are now eligible to be heard on the House Floor.

“We cut our first meeting a little short due to the beautiful Rose Day Ceremony that took place on the House Floor to promote pro-life legislation,” said Biggs.

“However, we were still able to push through some solid bills that have a real shot at becoming law. I’m looking forward to next week’s meeting so that we can continue to find ways to better our justice system and better protect Oklahomans.”

House Bill 1679, authored by Speaker Pro Tempore Harold Wright (R-Weatherford), is legislation that seeks to clarify the manner in which the death penalty is carried out.

House Bill 1466, authored by Majority Floor Leader Jon Echols (R-Oklahoma City), Rep. Elise Hall (R-Oklahoma City) and Biggs, is legislation that seeks to permit victims of domestic violence to separate from a wireless phone plan shared by the abuser.

House Bill 1005, authored by Rep. Biggs, is legislation that seeks to modify Oklahoma rape laws to treat all rape by instrumentation as rape in the first-degree.

House Bill 1008, authored by Rep. Rande Worthen (R-Lawton), is legislation that seeks to change Oklahoma’s children and juvenile code and modify circumstances that authorize termination of parental rights.

House Bill 1116, authored by Rep. Mike Sanders (R-Kingfisher) and Rep. Biggs, is legislation that seeks to allow statements made in certain circumstance by vulnerable or incapacitated persons to be admissible in court.

House Bill 1121, authored by Rep. Ryan Martinez (R-Edmond) and Rep. Biggs, is legislation that seeks to create an Integrated Domestic Violence Act of 2017, which would authorize counties to establish and maintain integrated domestic violence courts.

House Bill 1394, authored by Rep. Tim Downing (R-Purcell), is legislation that seeks to eliminate the sunset provision for the Domestic Violence Review Board.

 House Bill 1811, authored by Rep. Ben Loring (D-Miami), is legislation that seeks to specify which computers should be destroyed after criminal investigation involving crimes against children.  

The committee is scheduled to meet again Wednesday to hear House Bill 1306, House Bill 1326, House Bill 1335, House Bill 1468, House Bill 1482, House Bill 1680 and House Bill 2159.