ESPN needs to quit being the one dictating college sports scene

I am getting fed up with ESPN dictating the course of sports, and even altering sports events.To all my Oklahoma Sooner brethren, let me assure you that I'm still in the same as I have always been. But to our brothers at Oklahoma State, let me see how I can say this simply. The Cowboys got shafted on both the omission from the Bowl Championship Series Championship Game and the absence of quarterback Brandon Weedon from the Heisman Trophy Presentation.Weedon’s numbers were better than Baylor QB Robert Griffin III, a.k.a. “RG3,” had. and Weedon had more wins than Baylor had. RG3 simply won the Trophy because he had two good games the final two games of the year against OU and Texas.Dear OSU fans, why don’t we find out just who is sponsoring the BCS Championship Game, and bombard their corporate offices with letters and calls stating that we're not going to buy or use their product the week of the BCS Championship Game. Then, all the football fans in Oklahoma should simply boycott the game and not watch it on TV.One announcer was not thrilled by the rematch, either. He simply said at the start of the game the referees should simply call both teams to the middle of the field and say the first team to score a TD will win the game.I am sick and tired of hearing the same old thing, LSU would destroy the Cowboys. We’ll never know, will we?