Essay winners awarded at Poteau Upper Elementary School

The Poteau Upper Elementary School recently held a Thanksgiving essay contest, available for their more than 500 students to enter. Students third through fifth grade were invited to submit an essay telling what Thanksgiving means to them. The entries were judged by Pansy Kidd Middle School advanced students. The winners were announced Friday. Today Poteau Daily News, which sponsored the prizes for the winning students, will showcase the first of three winning essays. The third-grade winner's essay follows. The fourth- and fifth-grade winners will be published in the Wednesday and Thursday editions. By Phoebe WaldropFirst-place winnerThird GradeI am thankful for my family. I have three sisters and have three brothers. I'm glad that they love me. I have three sisters names Tabitha, Hannah and Jessica. Tabitha and I sleep together a lot. She makes pictures for me and she puts my clothes away for me. She helps me with my homework and every time I get home from school she picks me up. I am very thankful for my sister Tabitha. Hanna makes cookies for me. Every Sunday Hannah and I take a nap together. Hannah takes me to get snowcones in the summer. Hannah plays games with me. Jessica lets me have my one bagt of candy and lets me have on two liter of pop. She brings me to Braums. She lets me watch whatever kind of movie I want to watch. I have three brothers Isaac, Sammy and Nate. Isaac plays with me and he is nice to me. He lays cards with me. Sammy plays with me and is nice to me. He helps me when I get hurt. Nate I am thankful for even though I didn't really know him for long he is still one of my brothers. Nate died when he was three. He died because of a very bad sickness. I can't remember what it exactly was. I am also thankful for my parents. My mom gave birth to me and cooks for me. She helps me with my school work. My dad saved me from drowning in my pool. I was riding my tricycle around the pool when one of the wheels slipped into the pool and I fell into the pool and I still didn't know how to swim. My dad saw me drowning and threw his phone and jumped into the pool to save me. When he got me out of the pool I never went close to the pool for a few weeks.I am very thankful for my family cause they'll always have my back and will help me with whatever I need.