Family fight leaves one hospitalized

Bradley Justice Adkins, 24, of Poteau was formally charged on Monday with aggravated assault and battery from an incident that occurred November 27.According to the affidavit filed by Poteau Police Officer Gary Hecht, he was dispatched to the Windham Apartments in reference to a domestic fight in progress and an ambulance was already on the way to the scene. When the Officer arrived he was met at the door by a woman and when he asked where the subjects who were fighting were, the woman directed him to the kitchen where he then observed Warren James lying unconscious on the floor. Hecht reported that James was bleeding from the mouth and nose and had swollen eyes.The report shows that Mary Abney, Adkins' mother, was at the residence and witnessed her son and James fighting. According to her statement to police, James and Adkins had been drinking quite a bit of beer and liquor and then an argument ensued. Mary also stated that Adkins stood up and told James to fight. Abney said when James took a Swing at Adkins and missed, her son began punching James. Abney reported that Adkins got on top of James and continued hitting him in the face even after James was no longer moving. According to the report, Abney said James was choking on his own blood so they placed him on his side and called the Police.James was transported and admitted to Eastern Oklahoma Medical Center with possible internal injuries. Adkins was located in a bedroom located inside the apartment and placed under arrest and transported to the LeFlore County Detention Center. He is currently free on bond and awaiting his next court appearance.If convicted of the crimes he has been charged with, Adkins could face up to five years in the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.