Fire stats in Heavener show increase

“The Heavener Volunteer Fire Department is top notch and continues excellent service to the public,” stated City Manager Mike Kennerson, “Back in 2009 we knew that the department was performing well, we just did not know how well, so we started keeping monthly statistics on response call outs. The department recently finished compiling the third year of data and the results demonstrate increasing levels of service from 2009 through 2011.”In 2010, total call outs increased 38.15% percent from a total of 173 to 239. In 2011, total call outs increased another 5.02 percent from a total call out of 239 to 251. In addition the department has two drill nights each month, where members train and maintain equipment to be ready for response to emergencies. Auto accident/fire call outs started in 2009 with 9 responses, then decreased to 7 in 2010, and we saw a 393 percent increase in 2011 to 33 call outs.Rescue call outs started in 2009 with 72 responses, then increased 21 percent in 2010 to 87 responses, then increased again in 2011 by 75 percent for a total of 96 responses.Structure fire call outs started in 2009 with 31 responses, then decreased to 27 in 2010, and we saw a slight 7 percent increase in 2011 to 29 call outs.