Fishing is about to pick up in area

I finally had time to take my boat to Larry at Razorback Marine in Pocola, and he has it ready to go. I will be back on the water in the next week or so. Those bass had better look out because I am going to be after them now.Since I haven’t had a boat, I have been taking my boys and some of their friends pond hopping over the last couple of weeks. Koby, Cash, Reid Frasher, Kolton Lynn and Ethan Billings joined me on a couple of outings this week.We caught a couple of three-pound bass, and had a couple get off that were even bigger. Seth Hill of Wister joined us at his pond on Tuesday, and put on a show that I will never forget. He got hung up on a log at the narrow end of his pond and decided that if he could throw his rod and reel to the bank on the other side of the pond he could get his lure back. His throw was a little short, and ended up in the pond but that did not bother Seth. He just waded in up to his neck and rescued his pole. He even got his lure back and continued fishing. I love a fisherman that will go to great lengths to get his tackle back.— — —Don’t forget to get your Oklahoma RedHawk tickets for the June 23 game from the Wister baseball team. Contact me or Wister Schools for more information. Have a great week!— — —Email questions or comments to