Fishing and NWTF Banquet

Fishing season is here, and my bass fishing mentor, Chuck Restine, has fished in four tournaments — and been in the money in all four. I have to get hooked up with him soon and catch some bass. Just the other day, he caught two four-pound bass on an Alabama rig. He said there were three on it before he got it into the boat. Man, I wish I was there to have seen that!Nathan Janway has told us he has been catching some good crappie recently below the dam at Wister Lake over the last few weeks. Dan Carter and I keep saying that we are going to catch a mess of them sometime soon. Well, actually, we are going to catch Kaye and Paula a mess.Last Sunday, Cash and I tried to catch some of those papermouths (in the freezing cold wind), but we didn’t have any luck. However, I did manage to catch a really small bass from the pond next to our house. Cash said that the fish in that pond have increased their world by about 300 percent after all this rain. The pond was about dried up, and now the fish have new places to explore and eat — at least according to Cash.Have a great week!• • •E-mail questions or comments to