Fishing, baseball are on deck

June is coming to a close, and it is finally time for my family to do some fishing — since we will actually have a few days off from the gym or ballfield.The boys and I want to do some float fishing soon, and I am actually going to be able to get my boat on the water for the first time this year. Cash is really looking forward to it. However, his exact words were: “By the time we get to fish, it will be too hot — and they won’t be biting anymore.” I hope that isn’t true.My buddy, Chuck Restine, and his son, Dawson, have been tearing up the bass tournaments lately.Chuck got second a couple weeks back, and won the big bass with one fish weighing more than seven pounds!Last weekend, the father/son team won a tournament on Grand Lake. Dawson caught the big bass during that tournament, a five-plus pounder. It won’t be long that my wife, Paula, and I will be taking our boys to the area lakes. We have a crappie fish fry planned with our neighbors, Dan and Kaye Carter, very soon.Have a great week!• • •E-mail questions or comments to