Fishing, fireworks this week

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July like we did. I pulled Cash around on the tube at Wister Lake for a couple of hours, then we headed to Glenn and Cheryl Sisson’s house. They had a redneck water slide set up that went down a hill in their field and ended in a big hole. Huge tarps went the whole length of the “slide,” and even down in the hole so the kids landed in a pool of water. With the addition of a big sprinkler on a fence post and with some baby oil, fun times were sure to follow! The kids slid down that thing for hours. I thought of Duck Dynasty when I got there and saw the set up.After the slide, we ate hot dogs then the fireworks started. It was a pretty good display with several families bringing their own fireworks, and plenty of kids to keep the show exciting.Even though my granddaughter, Gracie Spradley, didn’t get to go to Glenn’s house with us, she came and stayed the night with us earlier this week. Our son and daughter-in-law, Clint and Jayme Lawrence, were getting stuff situated in their new house. I even was able to help Clint put together the two cribs that my wife and I bought, plus he and I assembled the changing table. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a baby around, so I am excited and ready for this double-trouble adventure! Clint said it just didn’t seem real until he saw the room set up with two cribs. I think he is getting just a bit nervous.While Gracie was with us, Uncle Cash was on babysitting duty and took Gracie to the pond to fish with some corn and perch gear. They caught several of those little dudes, and she absolutely loved it. She squealed and jumped for joy as she reeled in her fish.Since it was pretty hot that day, she told Uncle Cash they needed to go swimming at our neighbor’s house. Dan and Kaye Carter have a perfect-sized pool for kids. The fun didn’t end there. Gracie wanted to go for a ride, so she talked Uncle Cash into taking some of Dan’s gas and filling up his four-wheeler. We all love spoiling her. Her happiness makes us happy.Have a great week!• • •E-mail questions or comments to