Fishing, hunting and a tribute to grandma

Last weekend was free hunting days in Oklahoma. I was hoping to have my email inbox full of pictures of some doves, but I didn’t get any. If you were out in the field harvesting some of those birds, send me some pictures. My readers would love to see them.— — —I got to do a little fishing last week with my son, Koby, and Scotty Gibson near Wister. We caught several bass with the biggest being about three pounds. Even though I reeled in the big one, Scotty Gibson had one hooked up that broke his line that may have topped mine.I expect that my fishing trips will be coming to an end soon with bow season coming up in a hurry. My neighbor, Dan Carter, and I got a good deal on some corn from Jasper Rayburn in Loving on Monday. We hung two more stands, and got Dan’s camera set up. Not a bad line-up for my Labor Day holiday.— — —Last week, I wrote a little about my grandmother, Dorothy Midgley, who passed away. My mother, Elaine, wrote a tribute to her that I would like to share with everyone:Dorothy (Casey) MidgleyA wonderful lady passed away last week at the age of 90. She lived most of her life in the Wister area but you probably didn’t know her. She never worked outside of her home and never drove a car.She was not really active in the community, but her life made a huge impact on many people. Even though she didn’t have much schooling, she made sure all eight of her children graduated high school.She raised hard-working and honest people that you probably do know. Leon, Clifford (Chick) and Fred Midgley are her sons that are known by many. Her daughters are Connie (Midgley) Kelley, Lois (Midgley) Stites, Debra (Midgley) Vaughn and Linnie (Midgley) Martin, and they are also well known.She had 17 grandchildren who are teachers, nurses, business owners, computer experts, business managers and some still in college. She had 36 great grandchildren and eight great-great grandchildren who are carrying on her legacy of education, hard work and family. Even though she had this kind of an impact, she would tell you that she was a plain housewife and pure (she would pronounce it “peer”) country lady.Grandma (Dorothy) always said if something was wrong, call her because she may not be able to do anything — but she could get it done, and she was right.Dorothy (Casey) Midgley, we will miss you. Our family is sincerely grateful for the love, prayers, food and visits. The church overflowed at her service, and she went out in style.Have a great week!— — —Email questions or comments to