Former LeFlore County EM director arrested on embezzlement charges

Jennifer and Michael Davidson. / Mugshots provided by LeFlore County Detention Center
Amanda Corbin
News Reporter

Former LeFlore County Emergency Management Director Michael Davidson was arrested Monday on accusations of embezzling from the county.

His wife, Jennifer Davidson, also was arrested — her charge felony unauthorized use the Emergency Management credit card in the amount of $2,128.37 for 61 transactions.

The information in Michael Davidson's case claims four counts of embezzlement in the amounts of $69.65, $215.41, $347.88 and $1,990 during various months in 2017.

The affidavit claims he and his wife were using county credit cards to put fuel into their personal vehicles, with their actions allegedly caught on surveillance footage.

According to court records, one of the charges was made for $215.41 for an alternator and belt by O'Reilly's, allegedly purchased by Michael Davidson for his personal vehicle. He allegedly admitted to the purchase but said he had forgotten to pay it back.

In the largest count, the affidavit claims he was suppose to create reflective/LED signs for the Pocola Fire Station and was given a check of $1,990 but Pocola never received their signs. Kim Wann, current Emergency Management director, told investigators no money was ever received to make the signs.

The check was reportedly written out personally to Michael Davidson. Wann told investigators checks to create signs in her time working there had always been made out to Emergency Management and then deposited into its "Flood Plain" account. Investigators also spoke with County Commissioner Chairman Lance Smith, who did not authorize the use of the sign shop to make signs without the county receiving the funds.

The report also claims Triple H Army Surplus of Poteau would help Emergency Management purchase supplies or equipment out of state and then sell it to the county for 10 percent over his cost. The affidavit in the case claims Keith Henson, owner of the store, made out a check of $347.88 and provided it to Michael Davidson for the purchase of tables for Emergency Management.

The affidavit said he was suppose to cash the check, pay cash for the purchase from Sam's Club for the table, then Henson would put the amount of the table plus 10 percent on an invoice and bill Emergency Management.

Investigators said Bobby Parker, an affiliate of Emergency Management, said the tables were not received although Triple H received their payment from the county for the tables. However, the affidavit said Michael Davidson did endorse the check for cash payment.

Michael Davidson resigned as the Emergency Management head in November 2017. At the time is was reported he would then be working as a consultant on grant projects to help communities build resiliency to disasters and emergencies.