Former Walmart worker charged with embezzlement

Natasha Talaese, 23, of Poteau was arrested over the weekend for allegedly embezzling more than $3,000 from her former employer, Walmart. Talaese, who signed a Miranda waiver and verbally stated she knew her rights, agreed to talk to Poteau police Detective Mark Kennady. In her statement to police, Talaese said the amount of money embezzled was correct, and told Kannady how she took the money. According to the affidavit, Talaese would take the money from the register drawer and put it in a bank style money bag, then would place the money under the register. The report shows she would conceal her actions from the camera and take the money from the bank bag, placing it into her pocket.Kannady reviewed the video footage and could see Talaese take the money from the drawer, put it in a bank bag and place it under the register, according to the report. The footage then shows Talaese leaning down and coming back up with her hand in her pocket, then placing the money bag back on top of the register, court records show. The alleged embezzlement occurred from May until July in a three different incidents. The report shows in May Talaese took $657, June $1,568 and in July $1,310 for a total of $3,536. A warrant for Talaese on Friday and was served over the weekend after the LeFlore County District Attorney's Office filed the charge of embezzlement in connection with the investigation. Talaese was released Saturday after posting bail $5,000 bail.