Friends make a trip to go see Thunder play in OKC

You might say I had a couple of friends who were “Thunderstruck” a few weeks ago. Charles “Donk” Perry and his wife, Sharon, jumped on “The Blake Express Plane” and flew to Oklahoma City to see the Oklahoma City Thunder play the Houston Rockets at Chesapeake Energy Arena.Now, this was the first time the Perrys had ever flown. The Blakes' plane is a small, twin-engine plane. “Donk” said that he never has seen so many ponds and oil wells. He was a little nervous in the plane, but Sharon enjoyed the flight.They finally got there, and they loaded up into a van. The pilot, Jack Younger, is now the driver of the van. “Donk” said the drive to the arena was scarier than the plane ride. In the big city, cars were going everywhere — very fast, he added. The driver kept the pedal to the floor and rounded a couple of corners on two wheels.I would have loved to been there, just to watch “Donk.” I'm sure Sharon was just as calm as ever.They finally get to the arena, and Sharon gets “Donk” a margarita to help him calm his nerves, and enjoy the game. Now, he doesn't drink at all — so, you can just imagine what happened next.Kevin Durant hit a 3-point shot, and rock group AC/DC's “Thunderstuck” over the public address system. “Donk” — all hyped up on those margaritas — jumps up and starts yelling. Sharon looks over, and all he has on between him and the Lord is a pair of overalls. He put his blue Thunder shirt around his head, yelling “Thunderstruck, baby!” He turns to Sharon and yells, “Sharon Yvonne, bring me another one of those margaritas — they're really good!”This sounds just like a scene out of a Ray Stevens' song, a Roy D. Mercer radio skit or a Larry the Cable Guy movie. I bet Sharon was so proud! You know, that would have made a great commercial for Big Smith overalls, too.After the game, they all flew back home to Monroe, where the Perrys relaxed on the front porch. I get beside myself, too, when I go to the big city — or even outside LeFlore County! It's so comfortable in Poteau — I just love it!What is it about that song, “Thunderstruck,” that gets everybody fired up? They would play that song at Lucky Lanes bowling alley on Tuesday night when we would play beach volleyball on the side of the building. J.R. Collins would jump up and spike the volleyball — and tattoo you right between the eyes, having a smile on his face!I bet it was a lot of fun to go watch the Thunder play, especially when the team is doing so well this year — although they lost Wednesday night to Blake Griffin and the Los Angeles Clippers at Chesapeake Energy Arena.Save the world — recycle.God bless our troops and veteransHave a great weekend— — —Any questions or pictures, make contact with Jody Ray Adams on Facebook, on the “Jody Ray Fishing Hotline” at (918) 649-7387 or email to