Getting an early chance to see small-school LeFlore County hoops

I've been blessed for the past 10 days in seeing three of the smaller school in Leflore County boys basketball teams play. I have seen Cameron, Wister and Leflore play. I believe that any one of these three schools could be a major player in the 2012 Leflore County Tournament.Spiro, Heavener, Talihina and Poteau had better be on watch for any of these three as they could claim the title. I saw Cameron defeat Wister by a point, but I believe that the Savages might be the sleeper in the tournament.I believe that any team is going to be hard pressed to match the Savages' skill level, but if any of the larger schools are going to have an advantage it would have to be in the speed, quickness and agility level.If the seedings fall right, I am going to make a bold prediction that at least two of those three teams will make it to the final four — and here is an even bolder prediction, one of those three teams will win the championship.