Getting things right 98 percent of the time

When you talk of sports trivia or sport rules, I usually grade out at about 98 percent, while the other two percent of the time I am wrong. On Oct. 8, I was sure that an improper call was made on a pass by Pansy Kidd Middle School eighth-grader Kale Barcheers, who was deep in the shot gun. With no timeouts remaining, Barcheers caught the ball, and quickly spiked the ball. The head referee threw his flag quickly and he signaled a penalty for intentional grounding. I voiced my disdain. The call stood, and it was the correct call. The rule states that if you want to spike the ball to stop the clock, you must be under center and not in the shot gun.• • •I grew up watching Wide World of Sports on ABC on Saturday afternoons. I still remember the boxing matches between the United States and one of the Communist countries, Cuba and Russia in particular.I remember how they would set up their judging. If either of the boxer's were prohibited favorites, two out of the three judges would be Americans. On the other hand, if the boxers were evenly matched, the Communist would hold two of the three slots. Thus, the only way the USA could win was by knockout. If I had a dollar for each time the Communist boxer would win on a controversial split decision, I'd have been rich.