Gun season is in full swing; several local hunters had successful outings

The online deer check station has been a hotspot this year. The numbers are looking good — a lot of venison on the table all across the state.Here’s what has been checked as of Wednesday morning: 56,471 deer, 176 turkey and 42 elk. This year, my family has actually contributed to that number early. My wife, Paula, kept telling me that I sure went out a bunch and never brought home a deer. This year I’ve gotten one, and so has Cash and Koby.• • •If you have pictures and stories please text, e-mail or facebook me. I’d love to have some full blown exciting stories to go with the pictures. Be creative and send me a paragraph or two about your exciting hunt for that big buck, or bear or hog, you’ve been stalking or about taking a bright-eyed and anxious kid on a first time hunt. Have a great week, and have a happy Thanksgiving!• • •E-mail questions or comments to