Half a Mantle autograph

Memorabilia wise, I have something that is very rare, and it could be a one-and-only kind of autograph in the entire civilized world. It could be right up there as the rarest piece of memorabilia in sports collecting folklore.When we made our normal pilgrimmage to Kansas City in the early 1960s, we would always ride the KCS railroad there.The Yankees were my team. After all, that was the only team that we could get on TV on Saturday afternoon on Channel 5 in Fort Smith. Of course, my favorite player was Mickey Mantle, the centerfielder from Commerce. We went to the Muehlbach Hotel in downtown Kansas City. That is back when the Athletics, who now are in Oakland, played their games downtown at the old Municipal Stadium.Mantle was always a hard autograph to get. One day as the players were going out to catch the bus, Mantle signed the three or four cards I placed before him. After the dust had settled, I sat in the lobby and was basking in the glory of striking it rich with my Yankees — and especially my Mantle autograph haul. I noticed that on one of the cards he only signed MICKEY, and before you ask I do not have a COA. I do not know how much that would be worth, but it has to be priceless, after all it is one of a kind.