Happy birthday to my mom, sister

Last week, I typed my column in a stupor after camping for four nights while nearly freezing to death due to me being sick. Well, in my dumbfounded state, I forgot to put my mom’s, Elaine Midgley, birthday in my column.Well, happy birthday mom. Your Thanksgiving dinner was awesome, and I hope (despite my oversight) you had a great birthday. To everyone that reads this, please tell my mom happy belated birthday so I can get out of her doghouse.• • •Speaking of birthdays, my sister, Janice Midgley Couch, would have celebrated her birthday on Dec. 2, and everyone misses her dearly. Happy birthday, sis. I know you are smiling down at us now.Have a great week!• • •E-mail questions or comments to gmidgley_golf@yahoo.com.