Haskin jury trial begins

The trial of James Haskin, of Monroe, began Wednesday morning at the LeFlore County Courthouse. Haskin was charged with nine counts of child neglect and three counts of child sexual abuse stemming from a 2011 investigation. On Wednesday morning a jury of five women and seven men took their place in the jury box as testimony from witnesses called by the state was heard. Testimony was given by three law enforcement investigators involved in the case along with an investigator with the Child Welfare Division of the Oklahoma Department of Human Service. During the trial, photographs of the interior of the Haskin's home and camper trailer were shown to the jury along with pictures of the surrounding property and of the children at the time of the investigation. Toward the end of the day, a taped interview of Haskin was played for the jury in which he was questioned about the alleged sexual contact with two of his daughters.The trial is scheduled to continue Thursday morning.