Heat always an issue as football practice starts

The good news is that football season is upon us as high school football teams will begin practice next week. The bad news, as is just about always the case, is that it will likely be hot — which is a major concern for football coaches everywhere. LeFlore County is no different.“Heat wise, it's always a concern,” said second-year coach Greg Werner, whose Pirates will have two practices on Monday — at 6:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. “My No. 1 worry as a coach is the heat. It bothers me a lot when you're out there working when it's 110 degrees. So, you have to be really careful. There's water everywhere. When our kids are in a drill, there's water there. We tell them how to take care of their bodies. We tell the kids what to eat. If we think a kid is getting into trouble, we'll get the helmet and pads off and let him cool off. We'll watch very carefully for any kind of heat-related problems.”