Hometown Heroes: James Lowe

Cody Banning
PDN Reporter

A small town is often measured by the actions of its public safety authorities. Poteau, and much of LeFlore County, enjoy people in this area that are not only good at their jobs, but are downright heroic. Most of these heroes have little interest in recognition or pats on the back. This is Poteau Daily News' effort to see that they get the recognition they deserve.
Law enforcement isn't a career move for everyone, and it takes a certain person, someone who is compassionate with a certain set of ethics. This edition's hometown hero not only has all of the above, but he was recently voted Best Law Enforcement Officer in LeFlore County.
"Poteau Police Department has been recognized by state agencies for being very professional and highly ethical. We've always had a standard to stand up to," said officer Lowe.
"My big concern and my big viewpoints toward Poteau Police Department is ethics. I want our guys to show ethics," he said. "How you handle yourself personally, how you handle yourself professionally reflects on all of us..."

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