Hunting, fishing and a county title — what a great time of the year

Archery season is over for this year, so now it is time to hunt some different critters for a while. We still have a couple weeks left to do some squirrel hunting before the season closes, and predator hunting is good this time of year, also.One type of hunting I love to do is crow hunting, and it is open for the next couple of months. It is a lot of fun for kids and grown-ups alike, and I plan on taking my boys on a few trips in the near future.While doing these types of hunting during the next month or two, I also will take down some deer stands and do some scouting for next year’s deer season. In the past few years, I have found some good stand sites while scouting this time of year.Between predator hunting and the upcoming turkey season, it will be time to get my boat out and do some bass fishing. Dan Carter and I are also going to catch us a mess or two of crappie this spring, too.My buddy, Nathan Janway, has already been talking about wetting a hook, and he told me that some guys told him they are already catching some slabs out at Wister Lake.