Hunting season is about to start, even for the hunted

Hunting season is just around the corner, and hunters need to be on their toes. Wild animals can be very dangerous.Earlier this week, a local man was attacked by a deer in the A.B.M. neighborhood, just down the road from our neighborhood. Johnny Baker was attacked by a 220-pound wild Russian hog. He got cut up, and stabbed by those sharp tusks. He told us how fast and strong that hog was, and it all happened so fast.Howard Cagle went out to his barn one early morning to check on his roosters and goats. He was standing there drinking his usual cup of coffee, and one of his roosters flogged him. He turned that rooster into a football and punted him across the barnyard. I guess the goat got mad because he kicked the rooster and hit ol’ Howard right square in the middle of his back with his horns, knocking him to the ground. Knowing Howard, I believe that goat may be in “goat heaven.” I heard he got some of those “fainting” goats now.What’s the moral of these stories? Animals are stronger and faster than humans, and aren’t to be taken for granted. So, be careful out there when you’re in the woods, or just drinking coffee on your farm.Save the world, recycle.God bless our troops and veterans.Have a great Labor Day Weekend.• • •Any questions or pictures, make contact with Jody Ray Adams on Facebook, on “The Jody Ray Fishing Hotline” at (918) 649-7387 or email to