I’m ready for an exciting County Tournament week

I hope you all are as pumped for this week as I am. I think fans will see some very entertaining games, and will see some shockers.I for one am glad that the entire county is getting in on the action this week. Most of the action will be here in the central part of the county — Wister, Carl Albert State College and Poteau High School. The semifinals will be Thursday and Friday nights at Talihina, while the finals will be in Spiro.Each night, like I did with the LeFlore County Junior High Tournament earlier this month, I’ll put an updated bracket on our website, www.poteaudailynews.com, so you fans can see who won and what match-ups are taking place the following day.There should be plenty of 2013 LeFlore County Tournament Guides at all the sites, complete with team rosters and the brackets for you to keep up on what’s happening.While I’m talking about the guide, let me say a big thank you for all the individuals who helped get me team photographs. It was greatly appreciated.ScheduleEditor’s note — Since the brackets for the 2013 LeFlore County Tournament were in the guide in Saturday’s edition, I will not mention them.MondayBokoshe at Kinta, 6:30 and 8 p.m.