I can't wait until Thursday's NFL Draft

The National Football League Draft will begin at 7 p.m. Thursday. All my fellow fantasy football geeks will join me at “The Jody Ray Sports Complex” to watch the first round on ESPN.I'll smoke every kind of meat known to mankind on the “He-Man Smoker” in the backyard. Thomas Vongrath, the No. 1 Philadelphia Eagles fan in all the land, will fry 20 pounds of frog legs as well. Yes, folks — this is going to be an epic draft watch party! This will be one of the biggest football parties since Super Bowl Sunday.If you're anywhere in the vacinity, you might want to drop in for a bite. I just love a big cookout — I just need a reason to do so.I hope all of you have a Happy Cinco de Mayo on Monday.Save the world, recycle.God bless our troops and our veterans.Have a great weekend.• • •Any questions or pictures, make contact with Jody Ray Adams on Facebook, on “The Jody Ray Fishing Hotline” at (918) 649-7387 or email to jodyray@classicnet.net.