It is time to give away a 'Beast' — and some more rabbit hunting

The Wister baseball team is selling tickets to a Redhawks game on June 23. It is a part of a deal that will allow them to play in Bricktown Ballpark against the Elgin Owls on March 9. If you want to help out the boys and get tickets to the game, contact me or any of the high school baseball boys for more information.We are selling tickets on “The Beast,” which is an electric all-terrain vehicle to be given away on March 17. The $20 donation gets you dinner and a chance to win “The Beast,” plus many other great prizes including several guns. This is the Wister athletics' big fundraiser, and it buys many things for the Wister players — including their basketball shoes. So, come out and support our kids.— — —Koby and I got to do some more rabbit hunting last weekend with Lee Shipman and his boys, Josh and Mason. This time, the ol' men put it on the youngsters 3 to 0 in the rabbit killing. I shot a honker of a swamp rabbit that was as big as the beagles that were chasing it.Lee bested me again by taking two rabbits while the boys got nothing. Better luck next time boys. Maybe, Lee and I need to bring our bows so you guys will have a chance.— — —E-mail questions or comments to