It is time for some fishing

It looks like I may actually get to fish for one morning this summer. Chuck Restine and I are looking at going to Lake Tenkiller on Friday morning to catch a few smallmouth before heading to Pittsburg for a couple of baseball games.Word is that they have been hammering the smallmouth, and there is nothing I like better than catching a few of those bronze beauties. With my schedule, I may not get to fish again till July, so I hope we get to go.• • •I think I may have to get in touch with Nathan Janway and see if I can get me a bag of crappie, so Dan Carter and I will have enough for a fish fry. Dan and I have managed to catch several, but need just one more bag to make it worthwhile to cook it.I am hoping that I can get some donated, or Dan can find time to catch us a few more in the next few weeks so we can fill up our Fry Daddy.• • •My dad, Chick Midgley, and my uncle, Leon Midgley, have some bags of catfish — if they have not eaten it all. They got to catch a bunch of catfish in early April. I think that they caught them on trotlines or juglines, but who knows? They may have been doing some Okie handfishing.Have a great week!• • •E-mail questions or comments to